Debra Miller is WA’s leading cosmetic tattoo specialist. She offers eyebrow tattooing, permanent eyeliner, lip tattooing and a number of other cosmetic and paramedical treatments and visits a variety of salons around Western Australia. Micropigmentation, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is the practice of transforming, rectifying, correcting and enhancing your natural beauty. If you have a scar, a skin defect, body disorder or other issue, micropigmentation might be the right treatment for you.Like getting a tattoo, micropigmentation involves a needle. However, this needle is loaded with a colour-matched pigment that, when injected, aligns with your skin and evens out your flaws. Debra’s skills will enhance your natural features and give you confidence. If you would like more information on pricing and availability please request a quote.


General Practitioner Dr Sarah Podmore founded Eden Aesthetics in 2015. Dr Sarah has a keen interest in skin cancer and cosmetic medicine and has extensive training in these fields. Each individual treatment is tailored to your needs and administered by Dr Sarah herself. Wrinkle Relaxers Wrinkle relaxers are a safe and quick treatment for facial rejuvenation. The treatment involves injecting small doses of a purified protein which relaxes the muscles of facial expression. This create a smooth, fresh and younger look. The most commonly injected areas are the crows feet, forehead lines and frown lines (between the eyes). The treatments are temporary and will last approximately 3 months. Dermal Fillers Dermal Fillers are soft tissue fillers designed to reduce the appearance of moderate wrinkles and folds. They are commonly used in the mid to lower face to help fill in the facial lines restoring structure and creating a smoother look. Fillers can also be used in the lips to create a smooth natural looking lip enhancement. Dermal fillers can be used in conjunction with wrinkle relaxers.